Power Systems

Our DC power system provides efficient supply and control, optimizing vessel performance across various speeds for smoother maritime operations. It's a straightforward solution for enhancing efficiency at sea.

Due to the extensive experience gained over more than 30 years in the marine power generation and distribution field, Høglund AS understands the needs of its clients, and is able to offer turnkey hybrid systems for most types of the vessels, optimizing the energy consumption and reducing the maintenance costs.

Høglund AS aims playing the role of Power Systems Integrator, delivering complete Hybrid Power Solutions including all necessary electrical equipment the hybrid systems control and the integration with other systems.

DC & Hybrid Switchboards Control

Due to the flexibility given by ABB automation equipment, Høglund PMS can be programmed to control anything from basic Hybrid Systems to Advanced DC Switchboards.


Høglund has been chosen as PMS supplier for vessels with DC Power Systems delivered by well-known companies such as:

  • WeTech
  • Wartsila
  • Siemens
  • ABB
  • TheSwitch
  • Norwegian Electric Systems
  • HAF Power Solutions

Depending on the design and the capabilities of the hybrid systems, numerous modes of operation can be defined:

  • Variable speed PTO
  • Peak-shaving
  • DP mode
  • Shore Connection
  • Speed control for pumps and fans supplied from the DC Bus via Inverters

Vacon based Multidrivers with Høglund Control Software

The modules offered by Vacon, a global leader in power conversion solutions, are suitable for a wide range of configurations, offering advanced functions such as:

  • AC/DC-DC/AC conversion
  • DC/DC conversion and voltage boosting
  • Diode rectifiers
  • Inverters

The Vacon power modules are well known for their versatility and their efficiency, making them perfect for tailored power system deliveries.

Vacon drives can be water or air cooled and are type approved for marine installation.

The Switch with Høglund Control Software

DC Multidrive
Modular solution for DC-systems based on power drive units. The applications are designed as building blocks and can be stacked in parallel to achieve the desired power. It gives a flexible choice for integration of power generation, energy storage, propulsion power and clean power for the ship systems and it can include passive and active rectifiers. The DC-Hub contains independent applications connected to a common DC-bus. The frequency converters are directly liquid-cooled with no external fan and they can be connected to the plant cooling system.

Permanent Magnet Moto
Whether it is being used for driving electric propulsion or for power generation applications, where the shaft generators is directly driven by low-speed-two-stroke engines, The Switch PMM offers high efficiency at a large speed range.


Danfoss Editron with Høglund Control Software

Danfoss Editron Converters
Are most suitable for applications where the space avaliable for installation is reduced and where the distributed installation is an advantage for space optimisation. With a compact and light-weight design, the same unit can be used for:

  • Motor inverter
  • Generator converter
  • Active front end unit
  • Microgrid unit

Danfoss Editron PMM
As a part of the same family of products, suitable for the same constrains related to space, the light-weight motors delivered by Danfoss Editron can be offered for powers up to 1000kW.

Due to the lower weight and high efficiency, the consumption is reduced leading to important energy savings.

The PMM can be easily integrated with the Propeller System.

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