Høglund Retrofit department brings new technology to older systems

Høglund Retrofit Team delivers high quality at record pace- when it matters the most!
Video: M/S Prowess can resume fishing with a new Høglund IAS on board, no more than 10 days after contacting our retrofit team with a request to replace the smoke-damaged automation system.

Høglund has a proven track record in performing retrofit upgrades for all vessel types, installing systems that improve reliability, performance and the value a vessel can deliver over its lifetime.

All of our retrofit upgrades have been highly successful, with universal positive feedback from both ship-owners and shipyards. Our skilled technicians, together with our proven reliability and adaptable software and solutions, enable us to perform a turnkey retrofit job in a fraction of the time that it takes our competitors.

Skilled Retrofit Technicians

Our dedicated retrofit team has worked on a great number of projects across the globe, acting as trusted consultants at every stage of design, installation and operations.

Their knowledge and expertise, supported by our expert software development, project management and customer support teams, will guarantee the best possible upgrade of your system.

Retrofits for the Long Term

At Høglund we think decades ahead to ensure that the vessels we work on will be reliable throughout their lifetimes. The hardware underpinning our systems is based on easily replaceable off-the-shelf components, and is available anywhere in the world. This means that global quality and standards can be assured whenever new systems are fitted, or existing systems updated.

Our ABB S800 hardware platform is modular and scalable, and can fit into any type of vessel, from small systems with only a few hundred I/O up to larger systems with several thousands of I/O signals. Using ABB as a hardware platform means that most spare parts are available all over the world, making maintenance simple.

Rapid Turnaround

Through our self-developed bulk data manager tool, we can convert vessels’ I/O lists directly into complete project files. This tool, together with our marine program library and self-developed programs, shortens the engineering phase of a project with thousands of I/O to only a few days. This gives us greater flexibility, and allows us to tackle any marine project, no matter the size or time span.

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