Vision, Mission and Values

Høglund Values

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We recognize the need for a safer, smarter and cleaner shipping industry.

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We pride ourselves on having an unique experience.

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We are true mariners at heart, eager to deliver and run that extra mile for our customers.

Our Slogan:


Our values are important to us and we safeguard them by ensuring high integrity, dedication, transparency and an excellent level of service.

At Høglund, we are committed to creating smarter, cleaner, more efficient ships using advanced marine technology, while constantly enhancing customer satisfaction through the effective application of these systems. We offer new levels of performance and reliability, while protecting the environment for future generations. Høglund’s integrated automation and energy solutions ensure safe, reliable and efficient operations for any vessel type.

We encourage tolerance and diversity and do not tolerate any discrimination on the grounds of ethnic origin, skin colour, gender, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, social background, age and political orientation.

Employees are selected, employed and supported on the basis of their qualifications and capabilities.

Høglund’s relationship with customers, partners and suppliers is characterized by quality and transparency on all levels. Høglund shall safeguard the integrity of the other party within the framework of the law. All parties are treated with respect and consideration for individual needs and desires. For Høglund, our customers are at the centre of all our operation. Behind our business, there is a true eagerness to understand, advise and help our customers achieve their goals.

Furthermore, we expect our business connections to have the same high level of ethical standards and principles as we do. To ensure this, all our suppliers, new partners and customers are asked to read and sign our Code of Conduct, before any business activity is commenced.