As alternative fuels enter the market, and pressure grows on owners to decarbonize, one of the highest strategic priorities in this process is to ensure that a fleet can keep its options open and remain future-proof, even though prices and availability of low and zero carbon fuels remain uncertain.

With ambitious climate targets to meet, ship owners and operators also need access to detailed performance data from all the systems on board their ships to optimize operations. Managing energy in the future will be a core competence for shipping companies and hence, shipping will need far better access to data.

Moreover, with increased class requirements for data collection, and the increased need for ESG reporting to banks, insurers, charterers and cargo owners, owners and operators require much better access to their operational data.

With expertise in integrated automation and digital solutions, energy control systems and power management and a vision to make shipping more sustainable, Høglund is well positioned to contribute to and shape the shipping of tomorrow!

How we support the industry on its path to decarbonization;

  • Høglund’s systems are designed in a way that maximizes access to data for playback and analysis. Integrated automation systems are the source of rich, accurate operational data.

  • Turning signals into useful information has always been at the core of Høglund’s expertise. By ensuring quality, accuracy, and easy access to data from the most basic level upwards, Høglund can ensure trust and reliability in the data that owners, crew, charterers etc. all use to make critical decisions.

OUR ESG goals

Høglund shall:

  • Be socially accountable- to ourselves, our stakeholders, our customers, the environment and the public
  • Be conscious of the kind of impact our business is having on all aspects of society, including economic, social and environmental
  • Contribute and enhance the (global/local) community and the environment by giving back some of the created corporate value
  • Set standards for ethical behaviour


  • Improving the environmental sustainability of our operations, through measures such as installing renewable energy sources etc.
  • In managing supply chains, take effort to eliminate unethical labour practices
  • Engage in and support smaller-scale programs such as donating to local charities and sponsoring local events

A number of different projects is supported each year, ranging from sports clubs for children and educational institutions to environmental organizations.