Ship Performance Monitor (SPM)

Fuel represents a major cost in the marine industry. Monitoring and collecting accurate fuel consumption data for a vessel or a fleet is a key element in identifying inefficiencies and reducing overall fuel consumption.

Høglund Ship Performance Monitor (SPM) is a highly adaptable monitoring software, designed to help manage and improve the ship and fleet efficiencies. Fuel and Power consumption from all major consumers on-board is accumulated, together with important inputs such as vessel speed, wind speed and direction, distance sailed, draft and trim. This data is presented in two major groups: Daily Data and Mode Data.

SPM Main Mimic Onboard

Other SPM Mimics Onboard


• Adaptable and secure software specially designed to fit our customers’ demands

• Provides a clear overview of the vessels fuel consumption, emissions, tank sounding and vessel data

• Increased focus on fuel savings

• Auto-generated reports from customized KPI templates

• Fulfills reporting requirements within EU MRV


• Automatic mode handling

• Automatic export of data to Cloud

• Supports 3 different fuel types per consumer

• Measured or Calculated fuel flow

• Tank monitor- automatic ROB

• Ship-to-shore connection

• Live data playback function

Fleet Manager

Data from the associated vessels is automatically exported to our SPM Cloud solution. SPM Fleet Manager gives the operator full access to the reported data. Vessel crew, superintendants and other personnel with Fleet Manager installed can subscribe to all vessels within their fleet. Historical data give the possibility to analyze ship’s fuel efficiency at different speed and load conditions.

EU MRV & IMO DCS Compliant

Høglund SPM complies to EU MRV regulation 2015/757. Our software is certified by Verifavia as an EU MRV IT System and is compatible with Tethis MRV platform requirements.

Høglund SPM is also certified as an IT system for IMO DCS reports.


Proven concept, reliable hardware

Høglund Solutions are developed using standard hardware components, which are available worldwide. Debugging and fault finding is made simple by utilizing the GMR HMI software with all its troubleshooting capabilities.


The system comes with a data logging tool, where all process variables are logged every second.

Seamless integration

Høglund’s Integrated Alarm & Monitoring System (IACS), Power Management System (PMS), Ship Performance Monitor (SPM) and Recording & Playback (GMR100) are all seamlessly integrated.

Remote connection

The remote connection firewall enables Høglund to safely log on to a vessel from shore-side. The vast majority of problems on board can be solved using remote access and this function further reduces MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) as well as service and travel costs.


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Høglund SPM Datasheet English PDF 421 KB DOWNLOAD