Prilog - Alarm and event logger

Prilog replaces the alarm printer, storing the alarms and events at the computer hard drive.

Høglund Prilog has replaced alarm printers in numerous installations - from medical production factories, offshore installations and marine vessels to simple building access systems. Wherever a line printer is installed to log situations or events, Prilog can replace or be added to the system for safe storage and remote access & analysis.

Prilog functionality

Example of Prilog Alarm&Event setup

Prilog reads and stores data from multiple input channels and can be connected to hardware outputs of other computer-based systems, such as printer ports of third-party automation systems and cargo control systems. Data can be accessed to get history of alarms and sequence of events.

Prilog runs on any PC, with no special requirements, except for a communication port and/or a network connection. Prilog can replace any printer type with different interfaces types, as well as fetch the alarms via the COM port or the network TCP/IP printer. If the system is sending messages via a parallel interface, a HW converter is used to convert the signal to serial type or IP network connection if the source is remote.

Key features and benefits

• No more lost alarms/events

• No more paper jam

• No more printer noise

• No more “out of paper” alarms

• Safe storing of alarms and events

• Automatic back-up and reporting facilities

• Remote connection and inspection via network/satellite

• Alarm analysing tool with facilities for E0 maintenance


• Records all received lines

• Extensive filtering functions to remove control characters from printer ports and more

• Multiple input sources: Serial, TCP, File, E-mail, FTP, UDP, LPD

• Line formatting tool

• Time stamp possibility


Description Language Format Size Link
Prilog product sheet English Adobe Acrobat 178 KB DOWNLOAD
Prilog user manual English Adobe Acrobat 1.1 MB DOWNLOAD
Prilog Installer English EXE 3.6 MB DOWNLOAD
Prilog 99 Patch3 Update English RAR 1.2MB DOWNLOAD