Integrated Automation & Control System (IACS)

Agility at its very best

Høglund Integrated Automation & Control System (IACS) is a highly flexible marine solution, designed to meet the complete range of automation and control tasks on board modern vessels.

Example 1: System Status Mimic

Example 2: Main Engine Mimic

Example 3: FW Cooling Mimic

Example 4: Main Switchboard Mimic

Example 5: Cargo Control Mimic

Example 6: Ballast Control Mimic

Example 7: Bilge Water Mimic

Example 8: LNG Control Mimic


• Well proven hardware

• High speed redundant communication IP network

• Low space and power requirements

• Standard programming language based upon the IEC 61131-3 standard

• Supports standard solutions for all commonly used marine components

• Short application generation time

• User-friendly debugging and troubleshooting

• Smooth picture design and modification with standard tools and libraries

• Definable customer solutions for control logic and display design

• Interface for input/output data access from/to third party software

• Integrated logging system and playback facilities, both local/remote and online/offline

• Seamless integration to other Høglund solutions


• Alarm and Event monitoring

• Extension alarm system (E0)

• LNG Control

• Cargo Control

• Ballast Handling

• Tank Sounding

• HVAC Control and Monitoring

• Playback - Integrated logging of all signals

Process Controllers

Høglund IACS is based on ABB Process Controllers together with the ABB I/O system. The AC800 is modular and scalable, making it suitable for systems ranging from a few hundred signals to those comprising several thousand. Profibus is used for I/O communication and Distributed I/O is recommended, as both cable and installation costs are reduced when IO cabinets are located close to the process equipment. The AC800 supports most commonly used protocols and can also be set up as a redundant system. The controller utilizes a redundant IP network with communication up to the Operator Stations.

Operator Stations

All our operator stations are Windows based and communicate with the process controllers through OPC standard. All operations, alarm and event handling and playback analysis are handled from these operator stations. Mimics are designed in our own developed software and customized display components can be created, if required.

Remote connection

The remote connection firewall enables Høglund to safely log on to a vessel from shore-side. The vast majority of problems on board can be solved using remote access and this function further reduces MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) as well as service and travel costs.

Customer Design

After completed advanced user training, customers may design and generate the system without any engagement from Høglund at all. Høglund will provide the customer with all necessary tools to build a total project. If the project requires special solutions not included in the library, Høglund will create them and send library updates directly to the customer.


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Høglund IAS Datasheet English PDF 110 KB DOWNLOAD
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