Compressor Control System (CCS)

Høglund CCS controls any type of compressors onboard your ship. As both energy consumption and performance are equally important to ship operations the control system is designed to optimize performance.

Høglund Seismic Compressor Control System (SCC) Controls multiple screw compressors to supply seismic gun arrays. Is developed to optimize compressor utilization and to reduce power consumption as well as noise levels onboard. All this is accomplished while operability, safety and fallbacks in case of equipment failure are maintained in a good manner. To ensure that pressure is always delivered to gun arrays, both rpm control of the compressors as well as Fisher atmospheric release valves are used to keep pressure within operational limits.

Høglund Refrigeration Compressor Control System (RCC) is our compressor safety and control system. To be installed on new installations or retrofit. Controls rotary vane, screw, centrifugal as well as reciprocating compressors.Integrated safety system shuts down compressor to protect assets and personell. Capacity control can be both conventional slide valve or speed control or a combination. System also controls evaperators in refrigerated spaces as well as in AC units.

Mimic 1: AC Compressors

Mimic 2: Cargo Compressors

Mimic 3: Air Condition System

Mimic 4: Provision overview


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Høglund SCC Datasheet English PDF 157 KB DOWNLOAD
Høglund RCC Datasheet English PDF 176 KB DOWNLOAD