Cruise and Ferries

Høglund delivers full automation systems including Power Management, HVAC Control, Ship Performance Monitoring and Safety Systems for all types of Curise vessels and Ferries.

Vessel:Nordkapp, Owner: Hurtigruten

HMA Solutions: IAS, PMS, Safety System, HVAC Control, Cargo Control, SPM and Playback

IO Count: 3000

Vessel:Bergensfjord, Owner: Fjord1

HMA Solutions: IAS, PMS, ESD and Playback

IO Count: 2300

Vessel:National Geographic Explorer, Owner: National Geographics

HMA Solutions: IAS, SPM and Playback

IO Count: 600

Vessel:Bastø IV, Owner: Bastø Fosen

HMA Solutions: IAS, PMS, SPM and Playback

IO Count: 1200

Saga Pearl II, , Owner: Saga Cruises

HMA Solutions: IAS

IO Count: 500