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Høglund Marine Automation develops and delivers standardized and customized hardware/software solutions. HMA has now for around two decades delivered Automation and Power Management Systems mainly based on ABB technology. Our main activities and product areas are: 

  • Supplier of maritime automation products such as IAS systems, seismic control and fuel oil consumption calculations.
  • Delivering power management control systems.
  • Provides well-proven solutions for data logging, alarm/event logging and process control.
  • Delivers customized competitive operator station interface with sophisticated functions.
  • Delivers Energy Managements and logistics systems
  • Consultant services within marine automation.

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Address: Åshaugveien 39, N-3170 SEM, NORWAY 
Phone: +47 334 14150
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Founded: Individual enterprise from 1991, incorporated from 1993
Organisation number: NO 966107650


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